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Helping digitally-enabled professionals build capability.

Building capability through community!

We help professionals build skills and capabilities to 'future-proof' their career. 
We do this by guiding them through their personalised learning journey to go from under-prepared, under-skilled, and uncertain, to achieving mastery of new skills and become more adaptive and resilient for superior workplace performance.  


The Hub is an initiative of the AIIA as your go-to destination for building capability!

When You Join

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of the Hub:  

Learn Today – Apply Tomorrow! 

Dive into our targeted courses offered by our leading education partners. This includes a whole range of free professional development training as well as specialist work-based learning programs with coaching and mentoring for business impact.

Connect & Contribute through Community 

Leverage the power of community to share knowledge and experiences with your peers, expert leading thought leaders and elevate the digital world together. Our 'Capability Communities' will progressively have a focus on the key capability domains impacting the modern workforce: Digital, Procurement, ESG, Project Management, Workforce & Professional Capabilities & Asset Management.  

Collaborate & Engage

Join hands with businesses, universities, and a global community of like-minded professionals. Let’s deepen the engagement between the business and academic communities (including students) to solve your business challenges and product innovations. 

Queensland Government Funded Courses

If you are Queensland resident, you may be eligible to undertake a fully funded skills-based short course or microcredential to help build your digital capability. 

You can also obtain your personal skills report and access a range of courses. These courses are online and self-paced so you can complete at your convenience and on any device from a selection of our education partners.  

To access, simply join the Hub today for FREE .

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